A Pluri-Ethno-Linguistic Fragmentation Index
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Cassilde, S., & Labart, K. (2020). A Pluri-Ethno-Linguistic Fragmentation Index. Revista Internacional De Organizaciones, (23), 223-242. https://doi.org/10.17345/rio23.223-242


The Ethno-Linguistic Fragmentation index aims to measure the probability two random individuals belong to the same groupe. However, a person may belong to several groups. The Pluri-Ethno-Linguistic Fragmentation index generalizes the ELF index to consider multiple belongings within a country. PELF index results are discussed from the crucial case of Luxemburg. PELF index is computed in work, friends, and family linguistic environments; PELF is significantly smaller than ELF. The difference between ELF and PELF index for Luxemburg suggests a high linguistic cohesion at work and with friends.
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